• Young Populists in Germany: The Attractive Alternative?

    Von am 14. Juli 2014

    No to Merkel, no to the euro, yes to the free market – this is what motivates young German eurosceptics. The Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD), founded just a year ago, received 7% of the votes at the European elections. But some accuse it of populism and of turning a blind eye to its nationalist members. What do the young activists think?

  • Casablanca's abbatoirs: the artists' factory on a knife-edge

    Von am 27. Juni 2014

    In recent years, the old abbatoirs in Casablanca have been given a new life by artists, in the hopes of forming a creative cultural space that brings the arts and audience together. But the future of this place is now threatened, due to the lack of investment from the city. A reportage into the heart of this factory of artists struggling to promote Moroccan talent.


    Von am 18. Juni 2014

    Casablanca is prob­a­bly one of the only cities in the world that could have a trendy night­club and a slum side by side on the same post­card. Be­hind the di­vide, this is a snap­shot of the so-called 'golden youth' who many see as car­ry­ing the seeds of an en­tire coun­try's so­cial rift. caféba­bel re­ports on the bling that sits be­tween ex­is­ten­tial suf­fer­ing and vodka by the gal­lon.

  • Free Running In Tunisia: Parkour is a lifestyle

    Von am 20. März 2014

    In the cen­tre of Tunis and on its out­skirts, urban spaces have re­cently be­come a play­ground for the young peo­ple who prac­tise the art of get­ting around: park­our. Cafébabel spent five days with Hichem Naami, park­our mas­ter and founder of the Tunisan Freemove as­so­ci­a­tion. This is a photo story about the Tunisians whose dance­floor is the city it­self


    Von am 3. März 2014

    After directing the imaginary trial of Cleveland versus Wall Street, the Swiss documentary-maker Jean-Stéphane Bron has moved on to examine political life in his own country. With The Blocher Experience (L'Expérience Blocher), he presents us with an intimate portrait of one of the architects of the distrust between Switzerland and the European Union

  • The reality for journalists in russia

    Von am 7. Februar 2014

    In the 2013 Press Freedom Index, Russia ranks 148th out of 179.  However, despite difficult working conditions for journalists, current events hint at improvement. On the eve of the controversial Olympics in Sochi, three media professionals explain the reality for journalists in Russia

  • Young Europeans: living the good life in Romania 

    Von am 29. Januar 2014

    Apart from the expat bubble and from the big companies seeking for low-cost labour, young Europeans settle in Romania because of their love for the country and the offered opportunities. Sidonie, Anna and David have chosen to live in Bu­carest, a city « full of resources ».


    Von am 26. Januar 2014

    The crass and controversial humour of French comedian Dieudonné, who has multiple convictions for hate speech and incitement to hatred, is still stirring up trouble in France. Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, recently announced his determination to ban Dieudonné's shows. But the gesture known as the 'quenelle' has spread like wildfire among his fans online


    Von am 9. Dezember 2013

    After play­ing a spotty teenager in Les Beaux Gosses [Eng­lish title: The French Kissers - Ed.], Vin­cent La­coste dons a burka for Riad Sat­touf's new film, Jacky au roy­aume des filles [Jacky in the King­dom of Girls - Ed.]. With his gift for com­edy, the 20-year-old actor is made for French cin­ema and French cinema is made for him. It turns out that he's 'just a nor­mal guy'

  • De Correspondent: a new way of getting the news

    Von am 1. Dezember 2013

    In the Nether­lands, a new kind of media - in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar - is al­ready smash­ing all the records de­spite being just a month old.  In­vited to Paris on In­ter­na­tional On­line Press Day, run by a French in­de­pen­dent on­line press union, the team be­hind De Cor­re­spon­dent talk about their suc­cess, based on an in­clu­sive pro­ject 'in com­plete contrast to all the rest'