• European School in Strasbourg

    Von am 27. Februar 2008
    The first European school in the Alsatian capital opens in September 2008. Concerns arise that it will undermine the international sections of existing schools and how it will relate to the EU
  • Reality TV: so bad it's good?

    Von am 10. Oktober 2007
    More Brits (14.2 million votes, 2002) dialled a premium-rate phone number to voice their opinion in a 'Big Brother' series than voted for the governing Labour Party at the 2005 general election (9.5 million labour voters). The vox populi asserts that reality TV is here to stay
  • From macho Italians to progressive Swedes

    Von am 1. August 2005
    The 1957 Treaty of Rome states that “the Community shall aim to eliminate inequalities between men and women”. Although progress has undoubtedly been made, Europe is still a long way from achieving this goal.
  • British welfare is in a state

    Von am 27. Juni 2005
    Britain’s ‘New Labour’ has succeeded in protecting the country from the unemployment and welfare crises currently plaguing certain other EU countries. But behind the statistics lurks a less rosy picture.
  • Europe’s eco-cities

    Von am 11. April 2005
    The German city of Freiburg im Breisgau is leading the way in sustainable local development. Although it is not an isolated case, more European towns and cities need to follow its example
  • Edukating the masses

    Von am 21. Februar 2005
    The recent German film ‘Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei’, also known as ‘The Edukators’, is hitting screens now across Europe. Between politics and threesomes it seems German cinema is experiencing ‘the days of plenty’
  • Proud to be European?

    Von am 31. Januar 2005
    Possibly the biggest stumbling block for the Constitution – and the future of European integration – is the issue of European versus national identity