• Hungary 2011: Film review, and more

    Von am 7. August 2012
    By Jasmina Hodzic Anthology: film by Béla Tarr, contributing pieces by András Jeles, Ágnes Kocsis, Ferenc Török, Simon Szabó, Márta Mészáros, Péter Forgács, László Siroki, György Pálfi, Bence Fliegauf, András Salamon, Miklós Jancsó. Hungary 2012, 75 minSometimes I feel like I am reading Kafka”, comments Hungarian art house film director Béla Tarr on the current political situation in his country.
  • Dobrodošlica Sarajevo film festivalu

    Von am 10. Juli 2012
    By Jasmina Hodzic. Pictures by Artur Krzykowiak Između posjete Anđeline Jolie u pratnji djece i polumilionskog prstena, ovacija glumici popularne sapunice Larin izbor, pojavljivanja poznatih ličnosti na crvenom tepihu i slavlju na ulicama Sarajeva, odvija se osamnaesti Sarajevo Film Festival.
  • Welcoming the Sarajevo Film Festival

    Von am 10. Juli 2012
    By Jasmina Hodzic. Picture by Artur Krzykowiak. Between Angelina Jolie's visit in company of her children and half a million worth ring, between ovations to the actress of a popular soap opera Lara's choice, appearances on the red carpet and vibrant life at the streets of Sarajevo, takes place the eighteenth Sarajevo Film Festival.
  • 20 years

    Von am 6. April 2012
    By Maja Prelevic 20 years ago on this day, I learned __what fear is. __ Tonight, 20 years ago I will spend my fist night in the basement because the war is starting. 20 years ago I lost my childhood.
  • Missing link(s)

    Von am 28. März 2012
    By Adis Hukanović In December 2010 the UN General Assembly designated March 24 as the International Day for the Right to Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims. This year ICTJ like to mark the day by drawing the world's attention to the importance of the right to truth through a multimedia campaign titled "Can We Handle the Truth?
  • El Museo Nacional de Sarajevo cerca del cierre

    Von am 2. Februar 2012
    Por Saša Draganić. Traducido por Xabier Ojer Nieto “El 28 de Diciembre de 2011, tras 130 años de existencia, el Museo Nacional cerrará”. Es una frase que está circulando por las redes sociales en las últimas horas. El Museo Nacional no es simplemente un edifico que sirve para que los turistas saquen fotos o para que se organicen visitas.
  • Megaupload contra SOPA/PIPA: En busca de los e-derechos

    Von am 30. Januar 2012
    SOPA, PIPA, cierre de Megaupload, tratado ACTA…en tan solo unas semanas ha vuelto, con más fuerza que nunca, el debate sobre la libertad de la Red frente al respeto a los derechos de autor. Intentamos poner un poco de orden entre tanto hipervínculo, tanta legislación y tanta protesta.

    Von am 23. Januar 2012
    Author: Merima Spahić Lidija Pisker have sent to us this article about Zdena Pisker, the only artist in Bosnia and Herzegovina who produces encaustic paintings, i.e. using an iron to produce her paintings. A few years ago, the sixty-year-old Zdena Pisker from Zenica read an article in a magazine claiming that using an iron to paint is a form of stress relief.
  • Our purpose for 2012

    Von am 4. Januar 2012
    Autor: Cafe Babel Sarajevo. Fotografije: Jarret Blaustein Dragi čitaoci Cafe Babel Sarajevo, Zacrtali smo sebi cilj za 2012 godinu: ponovo aktivirati naš blog. Nakon nekoliko sedmica smanjene aktivnosti, Cafe Babel sada ima nove volontere za prevođenje i pisanje članaka, ali treba ih još. Aktivna si osoba i želiš učestvovati u našem projektu? Onda nam piši na Sarajevo.cafebabel@gmail.
  • Christmas in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Von am 24. Dezember 2011

    The country is well known for host people from 3 different religious. What happens in a moment of an important celebration in Europe as is Christmas? Bosnia and Herzegovina is probably the most multicultural country in Europe with three big religions living inside of one country: Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics.