• Hypocrisy in our time - MP expenses scandal

    Von am 25. Mai 2009
    by Chris Dalby The MP expenses scandal has succeeded in doing what years of policy announcements, Commons debates and campaign events utterly failed to: re-galvanise the British public’s interest in the political system. To hear the ways in which MPs that have been using tax money as their own piggy bank are being held to account would make the architects of democracy weep for joy.
  • 'Over There' Review: Whither the European Union?

    Von am 20. Mai 2009
    Over There' in London: timely commentary on EU’s current political troubles ''Harry Treadaway (left) and Luke Treadaway (right) | (Image: ©Simon Annand/ Royal Court Theatre) '' Mark Ravenhill’s unconventional play about identical twins who are reunited after growing up in east and west Germany travelled from London to Berlin this spring.
  • Pro-tamil protests grow in Westminster, London

    Von am 18. Mai 2009
    For the past 6 weeks pro-Tamil protesters have held a continuous presence outside the Houses of Parliament, demonstrating for the UK government to do more to to help the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
  • The Unquiet American

    Von am 10. April 2009
    Article and photos by Alexandra Cacciatore 2nd April 2009 It’s time for me to come clean in two ways. First, I have never been to a protest. For the past week and half, the media in London has been rabidly spinning the G20 summit.
  • Protests against the G20 Summit in London

    Von am 4. April 2009
    by Naomi Christie London, 2nd April 2009 G20 Protesters on the fringes of the exclusion zone of the ExCeL building in London were out-numbered by press and police on Thursday. Many potential protesters were walked away from the site of the protest early, where peaceful protests the came from a wide range of groups showing little cohesion with one another.
  • Thousands attend London 'Put People First' protest

    Von am 30. März 2009
    Colourful banners, interesting costumes and musical instruments were present along the Thames last Saturday as thousands gathered in London as part of the first protests related to the G20 summit on the financial crisis in East London this Thursday.
  • The London teams first event

    Von am 23. März 2009
    The new Cafe Babel London team recently held their first event, held jointly with the Grimshaw society.
  • European Defence Policy: What next?

    Von am 8. März 2009
    A joint event between Cafe Babel London and the LSE Grimshaw Society. The former Special Adviser to John Reid is coming to the LSE to talk about European Defence Policy. Josh Arnold-Forster was special adviser to John Reid at the Ministry of Defence from 2005 to 2006.
  • What do the European Elections mean for London?

    Von am 7. März 2009
    The European Elections in June come in the thick of the financial and economic crisis. What prospects can the main parties offer to lift the UK and other EU member states out of the morass? Specifically what will the Elections mean for London? What do Londoners expect from their MEPs?
  • Convention on Modern Liberty: From the Frying Pan into the Fire?

    Von am 3. März 2009
    by Sara Mojtehedzadeh Frogs, quipped Shami Chakrabati. The erosion of liberty is like cooking frogs; put them in a boiling pot, they jump out. Slowly heat up the pan, they merrily bask in its warmth, blissfully unaware that they are being cooked alive. The metaphor was an apt one.