• Small islands, big impact!

    Von am 10. Dezember 2009
    Led by Tuvalu, the Small Island States staged a walkout from yesterday’s plenary session, enraged at the refusal of China, India and Saudi Arabia to accept a proposal for a stronger climate change deal. Tuvalu, like many of the Small Island States, has its highest point at 4.5 metres above sea level and is at extreme risk from rising sea levels.
  • Discontent in Denmark as leaked text causes uproar

    Von am 9. Dezember 2009
    As day two of the Copenhagen climate change conference drew to an end, a draft text leaked to the media provoked uproar amongst developing countries. The draft agreement is the result of work by a group of individuals known as ‘the circle of commitment’, understood to include the UK, US and Denmark.
  • Climate change: (E)mission impossible?

    Von am 8. Dezember 2009
    The much anticipated Copenhagen climate summit stuttered into life yesterday, with the burden of expectation weighing heavily on its shoulders. Climate negotiators have convened at Copenhagen’s Bella Center for the first of two weeks of meetings.
  • Copenhagen climate: what the EU is being asked to commit billions for

    Von am 4. Dezember 2009
    Confused by talk of CO2 concentration and parts per million? In the run up to Copenhagen, what is all the fuss about climate change?