• Governments Speak By Their Silence, Too: Part II

    Von am 8. August 2016

    In the second part of the interview, free speech scholar Péter Molnár analyzes some developments in freedom of speech at the global and European level. While there is a tendency of backlash in Central Europe in particular, globally, Molnár sees hope in the generally widening right to access to information. 

  • Governments Speak By Their Silence, Too: Part I

    Von am 3. August 2016

    This interview discusses the status quo of freedom of speech with free speech scholar Péter Molnár. In Part I we talk about his own country, Hungary, where Molnár is concerned with the limitations for critical political speech, which challenges the existing actors in power to reach out to the wider audience. The most serious one is the governmental control of major portions of the media.