• Nostalgia For Calm

    Von am 19. Dezember 2014

    Smartphones, tablets, iPods and e-book readers, to name just a few, now seem essential for our everyday lives. Yet memories of a time before technology are still apt to resurge, especially when information and innovations threaten to overwhelm us. Marta is a young woman much like any other, who decided it was time for a change.

  • Youth Unemployment: What Future for Generation Y?

    Von am 18. Dezember 2014

    The media is fit to burst with stories of the iPhone 6 and Fifty Shades and Kim Kardashian’s bottom. While I wouldn't dare to question the newsworthiness of Mrs. Kanye West’s redoubtable rear, I can't help wishing she would leave some room for a subject we're neither reading nor doing enough about: youth unemployment.

  • After the Crisis: Seville's Artistic Response

    Von am 20. Juli 2014

    Setting off for Seville, the city where a stag­ger­ing 50.6% of 25-44 year olds are un­em­ployed, I was steel­ing my­self to encounter Spain’s un­der­dogs. I pictured down-and-out­ers de­nied jobs and drained of joie de vivre, floored by the financial crisis. But happily Seville surprised me when I came across Red House, where postmodern artists are turning to the Pre-Raphaelites for inspiration.

  • Gelsenkirchen: A City Besieged by Budding Artists

    Von am 8. Juli 2014

    Foot­ball fans will know Gelsenkirchen as home to FC Schalke 04. Real ex­perts may even rec­og­nise it as the birth­place of Mesut Özil. Faced with a map, though, most peo­ple would find it hard to pin­point Gelsenkirchen, a city brought to its knees by Ger­man dein­dus­tri­al­isa­tion. But now a bunch of budding artists are injecting new life.