• Southern Europe seeks solidarity fund

    Von am 11. März 2011
    By Eva Donelli Waves of immigrants from North African countries are testing the limits of E.U. solidarity. The growing humanitarian crisis has already forced over 200,000 migrants to flee Libya and Mediterranean countries Malta and Italy, who, due to their geographic position, have been the first to feel the impact.
  • How many languages should the unitary patent speak?

    Von am 5. Februar 2011
    By Eva Donelli No news from yesterday's summit on plans for a single patent regime. Overshadowed by events in Egypt, the issue is important, facing a crucial ruling by the European Court of Justice which may bring down the entire project. So what's is all about? Imagining a three-language (English, French and German of course) European patent regime without an Italian and a Spanish version?
  • Rough sailing for Hungary

    Von am 4. Februar 2011
    By Eva Donelli Hungary took over the six-month rotating EU presidency from Belgium on the 1st January and had a bit of an awkward time. Cafebabel would like to take this moment to chronicle the low points of the presidency so far, and talk to some hacks particularly affected by the most famous of these "shortcomings".
  • Brussels calls for the formation of a government

    Von am 27. Januar 2011
    By Eva Donelli and Maxence Peniguet Between 35 000 demonstrators (according to the police) and 45 000 demonstrators (according to organisers) marched on Sunday 23 January calling for an end to the crisis in Belgium. If the organizers wanted to limit to pressure on the creation of a federal government, the demonstrators themselves sent a clear signal: the country must remain united.
  • Buzek: securing a stable future for our common currency is the priority

    Von am 16. Dezember 2010
    By Eva Donelli President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, has called for European solidarity and sense of responsibility to handle the discussion on the revision of the Lisbon Treaty. In his address at the Council of Europe summit, he encouraged the creation of a permanent European Stability Mechanism to enter to force in 2013.