• Food: what's on your plate?

    Von am 17. Oktober 2016

    Food, the engine that drives our daily lives, is currently a hot plate on the agendas of EU leaders. We rely on this basic commodity and almost take it for granted but it has been commonly understood and agreed that we have to protect and secure our basic needs.

  • EU gives green light to ecological transition

    Von am 3. Oktober 2016

    EU Ministers approved the Paris deal on climate change. Up until now 61 countries responsible for almost 48% of global emissions ratified the treaty. What are the next steps to follow?

  • Thank you for the gas, Mr Putin

    Von am 3. Oktober 2016

    Europe will receive more natural gas from Moscow. The Turkish Stream gas project will enhance Russia's influence in the European market and Greece will become Europe's energy hub.

  • Colombia government and FARC on the path to peace

    Von am 30. September 2016

    After five decades of conflict and several of negotiations, the Colombian civil conflict ended in September 2016 when a historical peace agreement was signed between the authorities and the FARC, the revolutionary army. Mogherini announces that the European Union suspended the rebel group from their terrorist list.

  • Understanding the Brexit outcomes

    Von am 29. Juni 2016

    After years of caveats and months of campaigning the British people voted to leave the European Union. This represents an unprecedented move in the history, even though the relationship between the two has always been difficult.

  • European Union: With or Without You?

    Von am 16. Juni 2016
    Since 1975 up to this day, the UK had eleven referendums, most of them focusing on the issue of devolution, sovereignty and more independence to the country. On the 23rd of June, not only the British people, but all Europeans will follow the results of another plebiscite which will command the future of Britain. But how complex is this debate? How informed are British citizens?
  • EU and Turkey: Friends or Foes ?

    Von am 10. März 2016

    Brussels  was the stage for yet another Summit with a focus on Turkey and the current refugee ‘crisis’.  Amongst the outcomes of the controversial deal, the Byzantine country requested an extra €3 billion  from the European Union amidst Western criticisms over Turkish authorities seizing an opposition news  agency.

  • Towards a greener continent ? 

    Von am 7. März 2016

    As population grows in Europe, energy demand follows. After the Summit in Paris, European leaders are debating the implementation of green policies. Denmark and Norway are the best cases when it comes to renewable energy.

  • What future for the European Union?

    Von am 25. Januar 2016

    After almost five years of proxy war in Syria and the escalation of the terrorist group ISIL, a major crisis was triggered in the European Union. Refugees, controlled borders and disunion are at the centerpiece of the Union. Will Europe be able to uphold its social and moral values?

  • Régionales en France : le populisme en hausse dans toute l'Europe

    Von am 10. Dezember 2015

    Le paysage politique de la France contemporaine a longtemps été dominé par les Républicains et les Socialistes mais le scénario est en train de changer. La crise, le chômage et la menace terroriste ont été les meilleurs amis du Front National qui a profité du mécontentement général de la population pour monter au créneau. Le point de vue d'une jeune européenne sur la question.