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Artikel veröffentlicht am 10. Dezember 2008
Aus der Community
Artikel veröffentlicht am 10. Dezember 2008
Amici, Without the passion and the skills of thousands of volunteer translators, the dream of a common transnational online magazine available in six languages wouldn't have ever been a reality. Today, seven years on, it is thanks to these contributions that is fully available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish!

If you are mother tongue or very fluent in one of these languages and you understand another one well, please contact one of our journalists who is co-ordinating each linguistic network in Paris and Warsaw.

Your mother tongue is …

English? Contact Nabeelah

Français? Contactez Jane

Italiano? Contatta Francesca

Deutsch? Schreibt an Katharina

Polski? Napisz do Marysia

Español? Contacta a Pedro

Grazie mille!!!!!